In Northeast Indiana, Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan

Soarin'Hawk Raptor Rehab emergency contact for Rators : 260-241-0134

Please note that we cannot accept mammals, reptiles, song birds, as we simply are not equipped to provide care for them. Please refer to the list below for non-Raptor issues.

Outside of those areas:

Before You Pick Up An Injured Bird
.... things you should know. 

It's best to leave bird care to the experts. Often times, when we believe we're helping wildlife we are actually hurting it. It should be noted that it is against state and federal law to possess any wildlife without proper permits. 

If you find a bird of prey or other wild animal, that appears to be injured, call a licensed rehabilitation facility.  See links above.

Once you locate a rehabber who is available to rescue the bird, in an effort to contain the injured bird so it is safe from predators, find a clothes basket or cardboard box and place over the bird. 

If you are available to rescue and transport the bird to a local rehabber, you will need to have: heavy gloves, a blanket or sheet, and suitable box available. You may try to cover the bird's head with the blanket to avoid further stressing the bird. Gently pick up the bird, keeping a close eye on its sharp talons and beak. A bird of prey's talons and beak can hurt!  Place the bird securely in box.

If you are unable to contain the injured animal, or unable to contact a licensed rehabilitator, contact your local law enforcement division.

Please do not give food or water to the animal.