What to do if you find an injured bird of prey in NE Indiana, NW Ohio or SE Michigan

First, make sure the bird is safe by:

            Keeping it away from roads or highways

            Keeping children and pets away

            If possible, placing a box, basket or blanket over the bird

Second, call us for help    260-241-0134

            We will provide you with information to aid you, the bird and us

Third, if the bird is not contained, keep it under observation.

Fourth, do not attempt treatment unless instructed by us.

Do not attempt to give the bird water or food

It is not against the law to provide immediate help for an injured bird (or other wildlife) until help arrives or the animal is taken to a licensed rehabber.

It is against the law to hold a bird (or other wildlife) without proper permits or notifying a licensed rehabilitator

If you are unable to contact a licensed rehabilitator, contact local law enforcement .

If you are available to rescue and transport the bird to a local rehabber, you will need: heavy gloves, a blanket or sheet and a suitable box. You may try to cover the bird's head with the blanket to avoid further stressing the bird. Gently pick up the bird, keeping a close eye on its sharp talons and beak. A bird of prey's talons and beak can hurt!  Place the bird securely in the box.

Please note that we cannot accept mammals, reptiles, song birds, as we simply are not equipped to provide care for them. Please refer to the list below for non-Raptor issues.

Outside of those areas: