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Hurry! Get 'em Before They're Gone!

The 2023 Soarin' Hawk calendar is on sale now, with 12 natural, never-before-seen photos of our ambassador birds. They make wonderful holiday gifts! Sale ends November 19. Don't miss out! Only $20!

Give Your Favorite Bird a Talon-tine!

Happy February! We have a fun way to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year! At Soarin’ Hawk, we are celebrating Talon-tine's Day! Just call us Cupid!

As a gift to yourself, or a loved one, we can provide the ultimate yummy gift for your favorite raptor! For a small donation of $15, we will not only tell them the delectable morsel came from you, but during the week of 2/14, we will randomly select and video one "valentine" per day. WATCH OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR THE VIDEOS!

Go to and choose choose which raptor you'd like to receive your "Valentine!" To help you decide, each day until Talon-tine’s Day, we will be posting a photo of one of our precious raptors! Who would you like to be your Valentine??

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Calendar Sales Are On Now! Get Yours Today!

Ehr and Poe are patiently waiting to see our 2022 calendar!   Thank you to our friend, Patrick Redmond for the gorgeous photos he has taken this year!  Our calendar is offered for a limited time only so make sure you get your order in!



The Soarin' Hawk Facebook Auction ends tomorrow!

Bidding closes at 6:00pm September 25.

 Find the auction catalog here:

Here's a small sample of the items up for bidding:

An official photo of the 2021 Kelly Cup Champion Fort Wayne Komets, autographed by the players!

Lots of jewelry

Interesting books

A birding outing with world-renowned birder Bob Walton.

An Ooni Pizza Oven gift certificate!

Lots of amazing art!

All of the funds raised go to caring for the birds!

Spring Fundraiser - Success! - Thank you!

Thank you all!


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Bald Eagle Makes Miraculous Recovery & Returns to the Skies

When this beautiful eagle came to us on April 30, 2021, she was lethargic and barely moving. We didn't think she would make it through the night. But her will to live was stronger than the toxin that brought her down. Over the next two weeks, she improved steadily, and today she went home. Long life, little girl!


It's Spring! That's Baby Season!

Feed a baby raptor, save the world!

Want to donate early?

Click here to go to the donation page.

Experience Your Own "Raptor Adventure!"

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Photographing Raptors Turns into a Labor of Love

LAGRANGE — I’ve always been fascinated by raptors.

Big birds, birds of prey — eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, and peregrines — just to name a few.

But it wasn’t until a chance meeting with three Soarin’ Hawk Raptor Rehab volunteers that I got a chance to work with those birds. And that collaboration has produced a calendar for 2021 featuring photos of its birds.

Soarin’ Hawk is a Huntertown-based organization that rescues and rehabilitates injured and orphaned birds around the northeast quarter of Indiana, as well as southwest Michigan and northwest Ohio. Each year, Soarin’ Hawk team members travel thousands of miles speaking to school children, clubs, and organizations about raptors, as well as showcasing several of the group’s birds – most so tragically injured by an encounter with mankind that they can no longer care for themselves in the wild. Those injuries include things like shattered or lost wings, neurological damage, and blinded eyes. Still, in the… more

Soarin' Hawk Goes Back to School!

This fall, as students return to schools everywhere, it’s time for our volunteers to go to school too. But not just any school. They’re going to RAPTOR SCHOOL!

Carolina Raptor Center, the premier raptor center in the United States, is offering three classes that will cover important aspects of rehabilitating raptors. Can you help us send some of our volunteers to this vital training?

If you are able, please donate here:

Red-Tailed Hawk 04102020 Returns to Her Old Hunting Grounds

This Hawk was initially found on April 10th and treated by a rehabber in Rochester, IN that is affiliated with Soarin' Hawk. She felt it needed x-rays and an examination by our veterinarian. It was brought to us on April 13th. The x-rays and examination revealed a broken left humerus. Our veterinarian pinned the bone on April 14th. After several days of pain meds and antibiotics, followed by physical therapy, then practice flying, this beautiful hawk was ready to go home. She was released where she was found, and - as you will see in the video - was anxious and excited to get back home.

Athena Makes Her Debut!

It’s official! Our new Great Horned owlet now has a name- Athena!!!

We wanted to honor her 2 predecessors with a fitting name from Greek mythology. Thank you to everyone who joined us live for this announcement. And thanks also to our amazing volunteers who threw her the best baby shower a little owl could ask for!


Nesting Season is the busiest time of year at any wildlife rehabilitation or rescue center. Not only does the number of patients increase, but the amount of care that is needed for each patient increases. Some baby birds need to be fed every 30 -45 minutes from dusk until dawn. This is an important time of year for rehabilitation but also for education.

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It's a chore to sit on 4 baby peregrines! 

The gang's all here!

The fourth chick has hatched! The new chick is in the front in the photo. He's still having trouble coordinating his head so mom can feed him, but Jamie is making sure he gets food. 

Stay tuned as the little ones grow!

Chick #3 is here!

After a delicious bird breakfast, the little ones are napping. One egg to go! Stay tuned!

First peregrine hatchling of 2020!

Jamie and Moxie's first egg hatched at about 1:15 today (4-22-20)!

Oh happy day! Chick #2!

We have our second peregrine chick of 2020! The second egg hatched today at about 6pm. It has been a long 39 days since the first egg was laid. The new baby is very tired right now. Birds have an ‘egg tooth’ on their beak, which they use to work away at the inside of the shell until it breaks apart.  It's a very exhausting process! The tooth will eventually fall off as the chick grows. Moxie will start to feed the chick soon, and the other two eggs should hatch in a few days.

We have eggs 3 & 4!


... and, suddenly, there are 4! Moxie laid her 3d and 4th eggs sometime between March 16th and the 21st. Falcons typically lay between 2 and 4 eggs, and the incubation period averages about 33 days. The female does most (about 2/3) of the incubating, but the male will take over while mom goes for food. Keep watching!

She's Incubating!

Moxie is incubating egg #1!

Watch the Indiana Michigan Falcon Cam! - Click here!