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Activities for Children and Adults



  1. Barn Owls by Tony Johnston (Gr. K – 3)
  2. Eagles: Hunters of the Sky, A Story and Activities by Ann Cooper (Gr. K – 3)
  3. Eaglet’s World by Evelyn Minshull (Gr. K – 3)
  4. Frightful’s Daughter (and others in this series) by Jean Craighead George (Gr. K and up)
  5. Guardians of Ga’hoole series by Kathryn Lasky (Gr. 4 – 7)
  6. Hoot by Carl Hiassen (Gr. 5 and up)
  7. Owl Babies by Martin Waddell (Gr. K – 2)
  8. Owl Moon by Jane Yolen (gr. K – 3)
  9. Quiet Please – Eaglets Growing by Carolyn Steams (Gr. K – 3)
  10. There’s an Owl in the Shower by Jean Craighead George (Gr. 2 – 5)


  1. Adopted by an Owl: the True Story of Jackson the Owl by Robbyn Smith van Frankenhuyzen (Gr. K – 4)
  2. All About Owls by Jim Arnosky (Gr. K – 3)
  3. Animal Helpers: Raptor Centers by Jennifer Keats Curtis (Gr. K – 3)
  4. Arrowhawk: A True Survival Story by Gabi Swiatkowska (Gr. K – 3)
  5. Bald Eagle Returns by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent (Gr. 4 – 6)
  6. Bald Eagles by Emilie U. Lepthien (Gr. K – 2)
  7. Bald Eagles by Charlotte Wilcox (Gr. 3 and up)
  8. Bald Eagles: A Chemical Nightmare by Meish Goldish (Gr. 2 and up)
  9. Bird Alert: Science of Saving Animals by Peggy Thomas (Gr. 5 and up)
  10. Birds of Prey by Paul D. Frost (Gr. 2 and up)
  11. Birds of Prey by Alan Richards (Gr. 3 and up)
  12. Birds of Prey by Leonard Lee Rue III (Gr. 3 and up)
  13. Birds of Prey: A Look at Daytime Raptors by Sneed B. (Gr. 5 and up)
  14. Birds of Prey Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered Wildlife by Pamela Hickman (Gr. 5 – 12)
  15. Condors and Vultures by David Houston (Gr. 3 and up)
  16. Eagles of the World by Leslie Brown (Gr. 5 and up)
  17. Eagles by Marc Tyler Nobleman (Gr. 3 and up)
  18. Eagles by Hal H. Wyss (Gr. 2 and up)
  19. Everything Bird by Cherie Winner (Gr. 3 – 6)
  20. Everything Bird Book by Tershia D’Elgin (Gr. 5 and up)
  21. Everything Guide to Working with Animals: From Dog Groomer to Wildlife Rescuer by Michele C. Hollow (Gr. 5 and up)
  22. Eyewitness: Eagles and Birds of Prey by Jemima Parry-Jones (Gr. 3 – 7)
  23. Eyewitness Junior: Amazing Birds of Prey by Jemima Parry-Jones (Gr. K – 3)
  24. Falcons by Wayne Lynch (Gr. 3 – 5)
  25. Golden Eagles by Campbell and Roy Dennis (Gr. 3 and up)
  26. Hawk Highway in the Sky: Watching Raptor Migration by Caroline Arnold (Gr. 3 – 6)
  27. Healers of the Wild: Rehabilitating Injured and Orphaned Wildlife by Shannon K. Jacobs (Gr. 3 and up)
  28. In Good Hands: Behind the Scenes at a Center of Orphaned and Injured Birds by Stephen R. Swinburne (Gr. 4 – 5)
  29. One Wing’s Gift: Rescuing Alaska’s Wild Birds by Joan Harris (Gr. 7 and up)
  30. Owl Puke: The Book by Jane Hammerslough (Gr. 2 and up)
  31. Owls: A Portrait of the Animal World by Paul Sterry (Gr. 2 and up)
  32. Owls: An Introduction for the Amateur Naturalist by Gordon Dee Alcorn (Gr. 7 and up)
  33. Peregrine Falcons by Adrian Forsyth (Gr. 3 and up)
  34. Raptor!: A Kid’s Guide to Birds of Prey by Christyna M. Laubach (Gr. 5 and up)
  35. Raptor Basics for Kids by Susan Wood (Gr. K and up)
  36. Raptor Rescue!: An Eagle Flies Free by Sylvia Johnson (Gr. 2 and up)
  37. Raptors: Birds of Prey by John Hendrickson (Gr. 5 and up)
  38. Return of the Eagle: How America Saved Its National Symbol by Greg Breining (Gr. 3 and up)
  39. Saving Lives and Changing Heart: Animal Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers by Rob Laidlaw (Gr. 3 and up)
  40. Some Time with Eagles and Falcons by Jerry Olsen (Gr. 5 and up)
  41. Vulture View by April Pulley Sayre (Gr. K – 2)
  42. Vultures by Roland Smith (Gr. 2 and up)


  1. American Kestrel: Falcon of Many Names by Roland H. Wauer
  2. Bald Eagle: Haunts and Habits of a Wilderness Monarch by Jon M. Gerrard
  3. Barn Owl by D.S. Bunn
  4. Beneficial Barn Owls: The Entertaining Way to Rid Yourself of Rodents by Tom Stephan
  5. Birds of Prey by Penny Olsen
  6. Bluebird Effect: Uncommon Bonds with Common Birds by Julie Zickefoose
  7. City Peregrines: A Ten-Year Saga of New York City Falcons by Saul Frank
  8. Eagle’s Plume: The Struggle to Preserve the Life and Haunts of America’s Bald Eagle by Bruce Beans
  9. Eagle’s Sky: My Life as a Birdman: How I Helped a One-winged Eagle Fly Again by John L. Stokes
  10. Eagles, Hawks & Falcons of the World by Leslie Brown
  11. Eastern Screech Owl: Life History, Ecology, and Behavior in the Suburbs and Countryside by Frederick R. Gehlbach
  12. Eric Hosking’s Birds of Prey of the World by Eric Hosking
  13. Falconry and Hawking by Phillip Glasier
  14. Falcons of North America by Kate Davis
  15. Falcons of the World by Tom J. Cade
  16. Fish Hawk: Osprey by Stephen D. Carpenteri
  17. Golden Eagle by Jeff Watson
  18. Great Horned Owl by Dwight G. Smith
  19. Harriers of the World by Robert E. Simmons
  20. Hawks: Hunters on the Wing by Dick Dekker
  21. Hawks, Eagles and Falcons of North America: Biology and Natural History by Paul A. Johnsgard
  22. Hawks and Owls of Eastern North America by Donald S. Heintzelman
  23. Intriguing Owls: Extraordinary Images and Insight by Stan Tekiela
  24. Just Eagles: A Wildlife Watcher’s Guide by Alan E. Hutchinson
  25. Kestrel by Andrew Village
  26. Migrating Raptors of the World: Their Ecology and Conservation by Keith Bildstein
  27. North American Owls: Journey Through a Shadowed World by Jim Burns
  28. North American Owls by Paul Johnsgard
  29. Owl by Desmond Morris
  30. Owls: An Artist’s Guide to Understanding Owls by Floyd Scholz
  31. Owls in Folklore and Natural History by Virginia C. Holmgren
  32. Owls of North America by Frances Backhouse
  33. Owls of the United States and Canada: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior by Wayne Lynch
  34. Raptors: North American Birds of Prey by Noel and Helen Snyder
  35. Raptors of North America: Natural History and Conservation by Noel and Helen Snyder
  36. Red-Tails in Love: A Wildlife Drama in Central Park by Marie Winn
  37. Return of the Peregrine by William Burnham
  38. Sky Spirit: The American Bald Eagle by Michael Furtman
  39. Understanding Owls: Biology, Management, Breeding and Training by Jemima Parry-Jones

Field Guides

  1. Crossley ID Guide: Raptors by Richard Crossley
  2. Field Guide to the Bald Eagle by Audubon
  3. Peterson Field Guide to Hawks of North America by William Clark
  4. Hawks at a Distance: Identification of Migrant Raptors by Jerry Liguori
  5. Hawks in Flight: The Flight Identification of North American Migrant Raptors by Pete Dunne
  6. Hawks from Every Angle: How to Identify Raptors in Flight by Jerry Liguori
  7. Photographic Guide to North American Raptors by Brain K. Wheeler
  8. Raptors of Eastern North America by Brian K. Wheeler
  9. Raptors of Eastern North America by Kevin T. Karlson (waterproof pamphlet)
  10. Raptors of the World: Princeton Field Guide by James Ferguson-Less

Please note that the recommended grade levels were provided by the author, publisher or seller of each book. Soarin’Hawk does not endorse any particular book..