Young Peregrine Goes Home

On September 25, 2019, Lisa R. called the Soarin' Hawk rescue line about what appeared to be a peregrine falcon sitting in her back yard in Topeka, Indiana. The bird had been there all day, and Lisa was concerned. We dispatched Bill O. to capture the bird, and when he arrived, the bird was sitting on some wood on the side of their shed. When approached, the falcon began running around their yard. The bird fell into the lake a couple of times, then Bill retrieved a large sheet, utilized the folks present as a wall, then waited until the bird tried to climb back on the logs on the other side of a shed, and finally secured him.

Initial evaluation of this very strong and feisty bird was a broken left radius and ulna. After a complete examination by Dr. Funnell, it was discovered that the falcon had been shot. Because falcons are very high-strung, they don't do well in an environment with other birds, so he was moved to an experienced volunteer's home for one-on-one treatment. After his wing healed, Barb H. exercised his wing daily to work out any stiffness, then he was ready to give the wing some real exercise in our rehabilitation facility. 

Finally, on November 16, he was ready to return to his home. He was released where he was found, and the whole neighborhood was there to welcome him home and watch him take flight.

Watch the release here: