Short Eared Owl Rescue - #04182018

Rescue story via Volunteer Mary Koher:

We received a call from Conservation Officer Jacob Rutschilling from Adams County, IN stating that he had picked up an injured barred owl and could meet part way to deliver the owl to us.  I met Jacob at the Wal-Mart on US 27 south of Fort Wayne.  He brought the tote over to my vehicle and announced that he didn’t think it was a barred owl after all.  When I lifted the lid it certainly was not a barred but a beautiful short eared owl.  A concerned citizen had noticed the owl in a ditch next to a farm field and contacted the DNR office.  Apparently it had been down in the ditch for at least two days.  Jacob was able to get close to the owl and it put its wings out as if to fly away but it could only hop away.  He noted that the left wing appeared not to function as well as the right.  I gathered some additional information from him and then transferred the owl to my rescue box and headed back to our ICU facility.

The initial examination, by our vet tech Kat, revealed an open fracture in the area of the wrist on the left wing.  All other areas examined appeared normal.  He was given pain meds, an antibiotic and subcutaneous fluids for dehydration.  The wound was cleaned and dressed with honey, which will keep the tissues moist.  It was then wrapped to his body to secure it.  He will rest overnight in the ICU and will be taken to our veterinary clinic for radiographs and further treatment.

Many thanks to Conservation Officer Rutschilling for retrieving and transporting the owl to us.  Our partners in the field play such an important roll in our success by getting animals to us as quickly as possible.

Intake Number : #04182018SEOW