Sharp-Shinned Hawk Release #11172018

Soarin' Hawk recently took in a Sharp-Shinned Hawk, which is very rare for us! This rehab story never made it to the headlines due to the fact that we could not find much wrong with the bird, and it stayed with us for a rather short time; so now you are recieving the story all in one. The bird stayed with us for a little over a week in the ICU, and had the privilege of being released shortly after!

ICU Notes :
This hawk was found down on the ground by a concerned citizen.  He was transported to our treatment and recovery unit where he was found to have flat flies and minor abrasions on his feet.  Upon further examination, we thought that we could feel something abnormal in his shoulder.  He was taken in for radiographs on November 19th and they revealed that everything was normal in the shoulder.  He was a bit thin so we decided to keep him awhile to make sure that he was eating on his own and was gaining weight.  We will never know what happened that caused him to be down on the ground.
He did fantastic in our treatment and recovery unit and was cleared for release.  He was taken to Metea Park and soared out of the box, flew high up to the treetops, and never stopped or looked back!

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