Screeches Screeching Back at Home

On 12-11-2020, our rescue line got a call from Monroeville, IN. The caller stated a little screech owl had been sitting outside his house not moving for a few hours. Bill & Sue drove over and picked it up from an extremely friendly gentleman. He indicated it just did not want to fly. They gave the caller our brochures and told him how to check out the status of this little screech owl online. He also indicated that they had seen a nesting pair in their woods and would like to have the bird released back in their area. After several days under observation to be sure there were no injuries, and that he could fly well and find food, the little owl was ready to go home. Sue and Bill took him back to Monroeville, and filed this report:

This was one of the best releases we have done.  Most of these folks were related.  We arrived and waited for other neighbors to arrive.  The caller's dad and grandmother were present.  As you can see from the video, the bird came right back at us and went to a pine tree, then to a branch and then into the hole in the tree of the picture attached.  It was perfect.

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