RTHA 05312020 Goes Home

This Redtail Hawk (05312020) was picked up on Wilt Street and was believed to have been hit by or flew into a car. He was on the side of the road and moved to a grassy area. Area residents called Ft. Wayne Animal Care & Control. Aiste M., another area resident, called Soarin' Hawk. Kim N. took the bird to ICU and found that there were no apparent fractures; however, there was a small cut to one of toes on his right foot, visual signs of blood in his mouth, evidence of feather mites, and possible vision issues in his right eye. He was given medication for pain, powdered for mites, and given Ivermectin for parasites.

After he recovered from his injuries, he was moved to our rehab facility, where he practiced flying to regain flight strength. Finally, on June 28, he was ready to go home, and Kim N. released him in Swinney Park, with Aiste watching.

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