Rescue of the Month

On July 22, 2019, Soarin' Hawk received a call from Todd S in Wabash, IN. He had employed some workers to close up his barn, and they had found a nest of two young Turkey Vultures in the hay loft of the barn. Because the work being done would make the vulture parents unable to get into the barn to feed them, Todd wanted us to come and get the little ones. Our rescue dispatcher called Lynnanne, our contact with the DNR in that area, and she got in touch with the Conservation Officer. The problem was that there was no Officer available until the next day. Meanwhile, the noisy demolition was proceeding on the barn, with the very frightened babies inside. 

Our dispatcher called Todd to let him know that the Conservation Officer would be there the next day, and that they should not disturb the nest. Too late. Todd informed her that one of the babies had fallen out of the hay loft onto the floor below, and was crouched in a corner of the barn. The other, he said, could not be found. 

The next morning, Lynnanne called to let us know that the conservation officer had found and rescued both young vultures, and Ross E. made the drive to Andrews, Indiana, to pick them up. Ross brought the little ones to Pine Valley Vet Clinic, where Dr. Funnell examined both, and found that one had a broken wing, and would likely need physical therapy. The other was in good health. Both are being kept at our intensive care facility for observation and recovery.