Red-Tailed Hawk Rescue #12042018

Story via Volunteer Lynne:

On December 4th I got a call from a woman in Shipshewana, IN, who found a hawk on the ground and assumed that there must be something wrong with it. I asked if the hawk was bleeding, or seemed injured in any way. She said it seemed to walk funny. I told her that hawks are often on the ground and sometimes after they eat they find it difficult to take off and fly. I suggested that she go about her day, and if the bird was still there later that day to call us back. Later that day she called back and said she had spoken to a rehabber in Brown County Indiana, and that the rehabber indicated that something should be done for the bird. I sent Louie Lee, who picked up the bird and took it to ICU.

Intake Number : #12042018RTHA