Red-Tailed Hawk Rescue #12032018

Story via Volunteer: Lynne

On December 3rd I received a call from Johnna Smith, a rehabber in Jay County Indiana. She had a red tail hawk that she could find nothing wrong with, except that it wouldn't eat, drink or fly. She wanted us to take the bird. She informed me that there is a vet in her area that lives in south FW, and she has in the past brought birds up to south Fort Wayne, and then is met by a volunteer, who then ferries the birds to our ICU. She put me in touch with the vet, and we arranged to have Johnna bring the bird to the vet and then the vet brings it to south Fort Wayne. Since the regular volunteer is unavailable right now, Linda Coblentz agreed to meet the vet and bring the bird to ICU. I'm told the bird has a puncture wound to the abdomen.

Intake Number : #12032018RTHA