Red-Tailed Hawk Rescue #11012018

Thanks to Conservation Officer Darren Reid for caring enough to stop and
pick up this Red Tail Hawk from the middle of the road and drive it all
the way from South Whitley to Pine Valley Vet Clinic!

Initial exam by out avian veterinarian:  This large Red Tail was very
alert but not standing.  His weight was excellent and he had a very full
crop!  You can see the large bulge on his neck in the xray.  Hawks will
eat a meal very quickly and it is stored in the crop, a dilation of the
esophagus, and then slowly moves down to be digested.  On exam he had a
broken left humerus and blood in his trachea.  The fracture should be
repairable, but we will need to wait a few days until his internal
injuries have had a chance to heal.  This will make his less of an
anesthetic risk.  Thanks to Dr. Scott Taylor of Kendalville Animal
Clinic for being willing to perform this surgery!  Even though he was
not standing he had a very strong grip in his feet and fairly normal
movement.  He is probably very sore and weak from being hit and all his
injuries.  He will be watched closely.  His prognosis is fair if he
makes it through the first 48 hours.

This bird had a pin placed to hold his humerus in place so it could heal properly. His prognosis is still guarded at this point.

intake Number : #11012018RTHA