Red-Tailed Hawk Rescue #10192018

Story via Volunteer : Lynnanne Dennison - Fager

There was a time and place in American history when an open door was an invitation for neighbors to drop in, unannounced. Seated at the kitchen table, the visitors would be served a cup of coffee, perhaps a piece of coffee cake or pie. In today’s world, it’s rare to find an inviting door left open, and more so to have the visitor be covered in feathers. Such was the case when the Miami County Purdue Extension Office propped its kitchen door open and a red-tailed hawk waltzed in for a short, neighborly visit.
Of course, the staff were a bit surprised and tried shooing the bird back outside. That is, until they noticed the bird wasn’t taking flight. Its right wing appeared injured, it was drooping. The staff then moved into quick action, as all good neighbors would do - putting a blanket over the bird to capture, and securing it in a box.
When the conservation officer arrived, the bird was snuggled in, resting. He then transported it to a Wabash County Soarin’ Hawk volunteer who then transported it to Southwest Ft. Wayne where another Soarin’ Hawk volunteer took the hawk on the last leg of its journey - a visit with Soarin’ Hawk’s veterinarian.
It’s hopeful the red-tailed hawk will be back in its neighborhood soon, paying a special visit to those who opened their door.

Intake Number : #10192018RTHA