Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #08132018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher:

It was a busy Monday for the Soarin’ Hawk rescue line and Bob called to see if I was available to pick up a hawk.  I arrived at the location and after talking with the homeowners they indicated that this hawk had been seen in various locations on their property since Saturday the 11th.  They thought it looked like it was having issues with the left leg.  When we walked to the back of the house, there it was just sitting on their back porch.  It was alert but quiet and I was able to easily get my rescue net over him.  With the assistance of the homeowner were we able to extract the net from his talons.  I checked the keel and he was thin; 1 ½ score and the rear talon on the left foot appeared limp and unresponsive.  I placed him in the rescue box and gathered some additional information before heading north to the Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic.  But before leaving they indicated that they had decided to name the bird “Billy” and would like to have him back if possible.  Dr. Funnell assessed him immediately and found that he had a broken leg, the tibia bone.  She splinted the leg and he was given subcutaneous fluids and meloxicam for pain.  He will be tube fed carnivore care, which is a food supplement, on Tuesday the 14th; we also found flat flies on him so he was powered with poultry powder to kill them.  Dr. Funnell will do radiographs later this week but in the meantime we need to get him to a healthy status so that he could withstand any necessary surgery.

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