Red-Tailed Hawk 07162019 Goes Home!

On July 16, 2019, a Soarin' Hawk volunteer got a call from the Allen County sheriff’s department.  She drove out to Arcola Road where she found a male adult red-tailed hawk on the ground . He did not fly away.  She was able to pick him up.  He had been out there all day.  The homeowners thought he would fly away but he never did. IHe was taken to our intensive care facility, where he perched well and was bright alert and responsive, but was very thin. Our veterinarian determined that he had an old wing fracture and puncture wounds, and he began physical therapy on his wing. He responded well to treatment, and after gaining flight strength, he was ready to go back to the wild, so on October 19, 2019, he was released.

Watch the release here: