Peregrine Falcon Chick Rescue #06082018 - Returned to The Roof

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher :

We received a call early this afternoon from the folks at Indiana Michigan Power stating that they have, what they believe to be, one of the peregrine falcon chicks sitting on the hood of a car in their neighboring parking area.  I arrived to indeed find the youngster sitting on the hood.  I thought she was rather large and when I was able to get closer, sure enough it was the female, 66Y, Phoebe!  She was very alert but quiet.  I was able to slowly walk up and lower my net over her.  I was then able to reach under the net to grab her legs at which time she stretched those beautiful wings which made me happy knowing that those appeared to be working just fine.  With the help of a couple of employees, I was able to quickly get her in the rescue box and we headed for cover as a thunderstorm had just started.  While waiting out the storm under the building in the plaza area, a bolt of lightning struck the building.  As I found out later after talking with the maintenance folks, the lightning struck the concrete right above the nest box at the top of the building!

I was finally able to get Phoebe loaded up and we headed to Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic to see Dr. Funnell.  Radiographs were taken and a physical assessment was completed.  No broken bones were found and she passed her physical!  I loaded her up and we headed back downtown to return her to the roof.  I contacted security and they were waiting to escort us to the roof where we found Moxie and Jamie anxiously awaiting the return of Phoebe.  I didn’t observe the two siblings on the roof, but there again we didn’t stick around very long as Mom and Dad were strongly encouraging us to leave!

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