Owl Stuck in Car Grille Goes Home

On September 7, 2020, the hawkphone received a call from Abby. She said she had hit an owl the night before. She went home, and when she went out to her garage the next morning to go to work, she found a young great horned owl stuck in the grille of her car, still alive! We dispatched Bill Oberg to South Whitley to pick up the owl, and - after a struggle to get the bird out of Abby's grille - Bill brought the youngster to our ICU where, miraculously, he was found to have some neurological issues due to hanging from the grille all night, but otherwise his injuries were minor. Over the next few weeks, he recuperated, and when he was ready, he went to our rehab facility, where he spent some time in our flight pen. Once he showed that he could fly well, and catch food, he was ready to go.

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