Great Horned Owl Rescue #09272018

Story via Volunteer Lynne:
This GHO was found in the middle of the road on a rainy day by Paul David, a cable TV installer, in Cromwell. When he called us, Paul was very upset and worried about her, because she didn't seem to be in very good shape. He was able to move her to the side of the road to get her out of further harm's way, but he just didn't feel right leaving her there while I tried to find a rescuer (he was on the clock and had an install to do), so he wrapped her in his jacket and brought her with him in a box on the front seat of his truck. Meanwhile, I'm trying to find someone to come and get Iris. He called his girlfriend, Christy, who then called me and said she was willing to drive Iris to Fort Wayne, but her daughter had taken their car and wouldn't be back for awhile. She was trying to get a hold of her parents to borrow their car, but they weren't home. We all felt that this GHO needed quick help to survive, and waiting for Christy's daughter or parents was not an option. Finally, I got Ron Sides to come and get her, and he met Paul at the corner of two country roads, he then brought her into Ft. Wayne. Paul and Christy ask about her often, and this rescue made them want to become members of the Soarin' Hawk family. They just moved, but they plan to attend an orientation once they get settled. Christy told me she thinks of her every day. There was just something extra special about this rescue (and this owl).
Update – 12-5-18
Due to continuing issues with her left eye, this owl is non releasable and is currently being trained to the glove so that she may serve as an educational bird.  She is doing very well in her training and has been affectionately named “Iris” by her trainers.  She is a very sweet owl!
Intake Number : #09272018GHOW