Great Horned Owl Release #08062018

Story Via Volunteer Mary Koher :
This beautiful owl came into us after being struck by a vehicle.  He was found to have flat flies, a broken hallux (toe) on his left foot, some vision issues and a right wing injury in the area of the wrist / elbow.
The vision issues resolved themselves on their own as did the broken hallux.  We continued performing physical therapy on the right wing.  It did not require surgery just therapy to keep it loose. This bird was added to the creance list on October 26th and he was proven to be a strong flyer.  This continued for a few more weeks and he proved that he was ready to go.
Update 11-25-2018
We boxed the owl up and took him to the Gene Stratton Porter State Historical site which is approximately 2 miles from where he was initially found.  He flew off beautifully!
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