Cooper's Hawk Rescue #07162018

Via Voluneer Mary Koher:

The rescue coordinator called me to see if I could meet someone at the Menards on US27 south in Fort Wayne.  They were transporting a bird from the Portland Veterinary Clinic in Portland, IN.   I met Jasmine at Menards and she had a juvenile Coopers Hawk in a box.  He was found at the Paradise Point campground located between Redkey and Portland, IN.  I further transported the bird to our ICU where he was found to be very thin and had flat flies which were removed.  He was powdered with poultry powder to take care of any that might have been missed.  His eyes, wings, talons and feet checked out ok.  We will never know why he was found on the ground.  Perhaps since he was a juvenile he was not yet adept at hunting.

Update 7-18-18 : Despite our best efforts, this little hawk was found dead in his pen today.  When they come in very thin / emaciated it is oftentimes very difficult to get them back to a healthy status.

Intake Number : #07162018COHA