The Cooper's Have Left the Building

On Sunday, August 4, with the help of Adam and Dick Buchanan, two juvenile Cooper's hawks left the hack box.  They had been fed while living in the box for about two weeks.  Once the gates were open, they took to the skies to live free.

They both were orphans rescued on June 6.  One, among the four from a nest that had blown down during a storm, came to us with a fractured leg and had to stay at the ICU until it healed. Its siblings, having no injuries, were able to be released earlier.  The other orphan was found on the ground from an unknown reason, and was found to have no injuries.  For two months, many volunteers looked after these orphans until they were able to live on their own.  We would like to thank all of those people who called in to let us know a raptor needed help, and all of the volunteers who were a part of their rescue, treatment, and care!