Boy Scout Troop 333 - Raptor & Bats

Boy Scout Troop 333 is the best !

The members of Troop 333 worked hard all day May 13th at the Soarin'Hawk Expo 2017.  The troop made nearly 20 Owl Homes & Bat Homes which were purchased by the public. We met this troop back in March after we rescued a raptor at one of the troop member's home. After a successful rescue, they offered their services, asking what they could to do help. 

The Owl & Bat homes help to Conserve and Protect the Raptor & Bat population of Indiana.  Raptors & Bats play and integral role in maintaining the natural balance in the population of rodents and insects. Raptors are a natural way to control rodent population, Bats are natural way to control insect population. By placing these homes through the county, we help restore the balance.

We thank Troop 333 for their committment and service to Nature, Conservation and the Community

Soarin' Hawk