Barred Owl Rescue #06102018

Story via Volunteer Lisa Yates :
Hi everyone!! My name is “FRITZ” and I am a Barred Owl. I had a little accident I would like to tell you about. I live on Till Road in a very wooded area. Several of my family live around me as well. I went for a little grocery shopping on Sunday and unfortunately I went after a frog and this truck hit me as I went to grab the frog. WOW!! What a ride I took. I do not remember much except for the landing in the weeds. They were soft but very wet from the rain.
Next thing I remember was waking up and hearing cars and trucks zooming by me on Fritz Road. I could see my woods but was unable to fly home. I waited and waited and was almost ready to give up when this human came along. They drove past me and then turned around. The lady thought I was a hawk at first. I don’t even look a little bit like a hawk!! When she got to close I started to “clack” at her. I think she was nervous. They are named Phil and Trish. Another man stopped by and helped get me out of the water. He had some gloves and the Trish had a towel. Another lady stopped by on a bicycle and was really happy to see me being helped.
Trish made some calls and finally talked to Lisa at Soarin’ Hawk. Lisa said to bring me to her house. I have never been in a house before and was really scared. Once I met Lisa and her husband Rowdy, I knew I would be ok. They held me and looked at my wings and legs. They decided to take me to Dr. Pat and let her take care of me. After the
Dr. looked me over, they put me in a cage with 2 other owls. They could fly and walk but I couldn’t yet. More tomorrow after they take pictures of me. Something called X-rays.
Intake Number : #06102018BAOW