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20240606-Bald Eagle-1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Marion, IN
Cause of Admission
Found on ground

7/6/2024 - Recovery journey going well and is in the ICU.

This Bald Eagle was picked up in Marion, IN on Wednesday June 5th, 2024. The caller’s were able to retrieve him, after he hopped into the water a mile from them.  When picked up, he had a very noticeable fracture of his left tibia.  He was taken back to Soarinhawk’s facility and x-rays were taken of the bird. He had a pretty severe fracture but the vet felt it was repairable. He underwent surgery on Thursday evening June 6th to have pins placed in order to stabilize and heal the bone.  As of Friday morning June 7th, he was already standing and placing some weight on the leg. He will be with us for a while in order to ensure proper healing and hopefully be released back into his natural environment.