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20190818-Great Horned Owl - 1

Admission Date
Rescue Location
Mongo, IN
Cause of Admission
Caught in fishing line; corneal ulcer

This beautiful great horned owl was rescued on the Pigeon River in Mongo, Indiana.  Some kind rescuer found it hanging from a tree by its wing.  It had gotten tangled up with fishing line.  Another amazing rescuer brought it to our treatment facility at 8 p.m., driving over an hour in last night's storms. Some people are truly amazing. Initial evaluation showed a corneal ulcer in its right eye.  The bird was treated with subcutaneous fluids for dehydration. It was given pain medication and eye medication.  There seemed to be no other obvious injuries but it is being taken to our veterinarian for x-rays and evaluation today. 08/25/19 After this Owl's initial evaluation , no injuries could be found. It has been moved to our rehabilitation pens so it can begin creance flying. A bird is tethered to a cord and allowed to fly a specific distance. The quality of flight can be observed. If it meets certain criteria it can then be released. This Owl is not doing as well as we hoped. We will keep working with it.