08192020 Red-Tailed Hawk Flies the Coop!

On August 19, Soarin’ Hawk received a call from Amy at Black Pines Sanctuary in Albion about a red tailed hawk that had been brought to the sanctuary by a gentleman who had found it on the side of the road. Black Pine was getting ready to close for the day, but Amy kindly consented to wait until our rescuer got there to pick up the bird.

When volunteer Vanessa got there to pick up the hawk, Amy commented she was more alert than an hour and half before. We were able to transfer from one carrier to another without incident; she did seem to favor her left leg and would not stand on it.

Vanessa took it to our treatment facility for evaluation, where staff was unable to find any issues with the adult hawk. She may have been stunned by a car strike. She was given fluids and medications, and kept under observation.

Three days later, she was moved to our rehabilitation facility, where she was observed further and flight tested, and was ready for release on August 30. She was released in a beautiful little park in Goshen, IN, and immediately flew strong into a tall tree.

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