Special Event Program

We will bring our raptors to your special event!  This is a 2 to 4 hour program with a minimum of 3 birds on perches or on the glove.  We bring real preserved raptor wings and talons that the public can handle, educational materials and brochures.  Note: We need access to 1 or 2 display tables.  Educators will be available to answer questions in a walk-up situation.  No formal presentation is involved.

All education event programs include:
•    A minimum of 3 live raptors such as a hawk, owl and falcon.
•    Preserved raptor specimens that the public can handle.
•    Keepsake photo opportunities.

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Program Cost: 

Cost   $315. Special pricing for non-profit 501(c)3 organizations is $190. For locations up to 25 miles from Soarin' Hawk (Union Chapel Road - Exit 317 on I-69). 

Note:  Mileage surcharge of  $25 for locations 26-50 miles; $75 for 51 to100 miles; $125 for 101 to 150 miles.

Payment:  Is due the day of the presentation. 

Event Options

  • Add a Bird Release to your program, additional $50.00  Note: Limited availability.
  • Add our Bald Eagle to your program, additional $110.00 Note: Limited availability.


How you're helping the raptors: 

Soarin'Hawk education programs accomplish the mission of Soarin'Hawk by providing a distinctive educational experience for participants, as well as financial support for the essential work we do in our clinic.