More Education Programs for 2022 !!!

These are 4 part programs. Please clink on the buttons for info.  If you need additional information on these two new programs, please email us at

Learning Series for Adults

Experience the POWER of our raptors through our 4 session series. Session 1: Raptor Superpowers. Session 2: Eagles & Hawks: Hunters from the Skies  Session 3: Owls: Silent Tigers of the Night Session 4: Face to Face...
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Home School Series

Experience the POWER of our raptors through our 4-part interactive, hands-on, science classes, featuring LIVE raptors!!! The classes will held at our new facility in Huntertown. The next series starts June 6, 10:30am....
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Soarin'Hawk brings the birds to you!

Informative and entertaining programs are available to schools, clubs, scouts and other interest groups. Our programs are packed with age-appropriate information that is both educational and entertaining! Programs have at least 3 live raptors & hands-on activities. We offer several types of programs that are listed below.  If you need additional information, please email us at

Hatchday Birthday Program

Celebrate your next Hatchday (Birthday) with the raptors! We'll bring the live raptors to your private birthday party! The program will explore different raptors of Indiana and their role in our environment. Participant...
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Community Education Program

We will bring the live raptors to your location for a formal education program!  This is a 45-60 minute sit-down presentation that will explore different raptors of Indiana and their role in our environment.  It is an ex...
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Special Event Program

We will bring our raptors to your special event!  This is a 2 to 4 hour program with a minimum of 3 birds on perches or on the glove.  We bring real preserved raptor wings and talons that the public can handle, education...
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Eagle Scout Court of Honor Program

Let Soarin'Hawk help you honor your scout achieving the Eagle rank!  The program involves a 30 minute program where the scouts and guests meet our live education eagle, Jefferson, and learn about the symbolism of the eag...
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Owl Pellet Dissection ‘Lab’

What is a pellet?  How are they formed?  What is inside?  Learn about owls and the animals they eat by doing an owl pellet dissection.  It is a memorable and fun way to learn!  There are several ways to participate in t...
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