Home School Programs

We'll bring the live raptors to your location for an exclusive Home School educational experience! The program will explore different raptors of Indiana and their role in our environment. Participants learn the 3 key features of all raptors and learn why they're different from other birds.  The Home School programs last an average oof 45 to 90 minutes.

All Home School Programs Include:

  • Minimum of 3 raptors such as a hawk, owl, and falcon.
  • An age appropriate education program and materials.
  • Keepsake photo opportunities.
  • Owl Pellet Dissection Lab activity.
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Program Cost: 

Cost:   $10.00 per student, minimum number of 17 participants, for locations up to 25 miles from Soarin’Hawk (Union Chapel Road - Exit 317 on I-69). 

Note:   Mileage surcharge of  $25 for locations 26-50 miles; $75 for 51 to100 miles; $125 for 101 to 150 miles.

Payment:  Is due the day of the presentation. 

Event Options:

  • Add our Bald Eagle to your program, additional $110.00 Note: Limited availability.
How you're helping the raptors: 

Soarin'Hawk education programs accomplish the mission of Soarin'Hawk by providing a distinctive educational experience for participants, as well as financial support for the essential work we do in our clinic.