Turkey Vulture Rescue #10082018

Story via Volunteer Bridgette Mccue:

I was called out for a rescue in Ligonier Indiana. There was a turkey vulture in need of our help, the caller had confined the turkey vulture into a side section of their barn. When I got there it was sitting on a stack of wood about 6 feet tall. While  attempting to get the turkey vulture, it fell behind that stack of firewood. After a lot of hard work, we were able to get it out from behind the stack of wood. We put it into the blue box for transport and headed to Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Pat was able to do x-rays on it, and she found fractures on his left wing. It was then transported to the ICU for some intensive care.

Initial exam by our avian veterinarian:  This is a very large Turkey Vulture...almost 4 1/2 pounds!  It was a good weight and very feisty! The left elbow was swollen and did not have a good range of motion. Radiographs revealed what appear to already be arthritic changes in the elbow.  We will treat her with an anti-inflammatory/pain medicine, start physical therapy after a few days and re-xray the elbow in a month.  if there are severe arthritic changes, it will not be able to be released back into the wild.

Intake Number : #10082018TUVU