Soarin Hawk moving to “Forever Home” in 2019

After several years of searching for just the right place for Soarin’ Hawk’s “Forever Home” we have purchased a site near Huntertown that fits our needs and our budget. 

Education Raptor Habitats - Our resident raptors are getting newly designed “Raptor Condos”.  Each unit has four apartments, which are designed to maximize natural light and fresh air, and will be built using low maintenance materials.  Each of the 20 raptor apartments costs nearly $1,000 in materials.

Raptor Recovery Habitats  – The raptors temporarily in our care are getting newly designed housing. The materials for the recovery housing costs nearly $30,000.

Exercise Aviary – Raptors are hunters, which mean they need to be strong the day they are released back into the wild.  In order to ensure that they are physically fit, we run the birds through a physical therapy program.  In the past this has been done outdoors and it takes 3 to 5 volunteers to exercise each raptor.  The exercise aviary allows 2 volunteers to exercise multiple raptors at the same time, and in all kinds of weather.  This means that the raptors get through the physical therapy program much quicker and back into the wild that much faster.  The aviary significantly reduce the number of days in care.  The aviary costs $18,000 in materials.

The Building – The building provides the following;  a) a centralized indoor ‘recovery unit’ where raptors recovering for surgery or serious illness can be cared for indoors until they are ready for the outdoor habitats and exercise, b) an indoor food preparation area, where meals are prepared, supplements are added, and c) a small office and bathroom. The building will cost more than $70,000.

Natural Habitat – We will restore much of the site to prairie and riparian habitat.

The overall project cost is about $300,000. Of that nearly $170,000 is site acquisition, site preparation, utilities, driveway, etc. If you are a licensed contrator and interested in helping by donating or discounting services, please contact us - we need you!

For more information, please contact:  Mike Dobbs 260-402-9627,

To make a donation:  click here

Media Coverage - Soarin' toward 1st home, Bird-rehab group buys land for centralized HQ, ROSA SALTER RODRIGUEZ | The Journal Gazette