Snowy Owl Release - #02282018SNOW

After a little more than 3 weeks of food, medicine, rest and recuperation, we creance flew this snowy owl on March 19th. That session showed us that she was ready to head home to the arctic tundra. Everyone met at the ICU facility where we moved her to a transport box for the ride to the release sight. We faced her into the wind and just like that, she was gone. Wishing her Godspeed as she heads home; with a little piece of everyone’s heart here at Soarin’ Hawk.
A video of the release is provided; as well as a Journal Gazette article, with more pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Photos by: Braeden Holle
Video by: Wayne Whitacre
Release Volunteer: Mary Koher
Intake Number : #02282018SNOW
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