SHRR Raptor Expo

Saturday, May 19, 2018
11am-6pm at Franke Park Pavilion 1

Live Bird-of-Prey presentations will be held at 12am & 3pm.

Come be apart of the one of the largest events held each year by Soarin' Hawk. Free to the public, this event offers up close hands on education from dissecting pellets, looking at x-rays, getting your face painted, selections from our ‘wings and feet’ (taxidermy) box, and much more! Located in the Midwest, Soarin' Hawk is dedicated to the rescue, recovery, and release of Indiana's injured and orphaned birds of prey in Fort Wayne Indiana. This event (besides the annual fundraiser) boasts an invitation to come and meet most, if not all of our education birds; from an American kestrel to a magnificent Bald Eagle! Come support Soarin’ Hawk and all they do, if you like what you see, you may even want to become a volunteer!