Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #09082018

Story via Volunteer Kim Westfall :
Homeowner noticed a soaked Redtail Hawk in the rain sitting in a ditch for most of the afternoon before calling the DNR. DNR contacted Jeremy Mason a State Trooper who is also a Falconer to come rescue the Redtail Hawk. Jeremy told me once he got there, the bird was across the street sitting on a fence. They approached the bird and it flew very low about 30 yards and landed in a cow pasture. He was able to throw a blanket over the bird, after a few attempts. Bird was very feisty and was trying to talon him. I met up with him and I did the initial exam. I was not able to find anything external injuries. I was a little concerned with his vision since his pupils were not responding to light like we would like them to. His weight was decent and he looked to be well hydrated. Next steps for him will be an exam by Dr. Funnell!
Intake Number : #09082018RTHA