Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #09042018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher : 

Our rescue coordinator received a call today from one of our fellow volunteers down in Wabash County.  That volunteer received a call from someone in the Salamonie office that had a report of a red tail hawk down on the ground in the vicinity of 150 South.  Lynnanne arrived to find a juvenile red tail hawk down on the side of the road heading / hopping towards some tall weeds.  She was able to get a sheet over the bird to contain it which enabled her to get a hold of it so that she could place it in her carrier for transport to Fort Wayne.  I met up with Lynnanne at the Lutheran Hospital campus where she handed off the bird and gave me the details regarding its rescue.  She thought that it appeared that the hawk was favoring a wing and wasn’t able to fly.  I transferred it to my rescue box and headed north to our treatment and recovery unit.  Our Vet tech, Kat, was there with her crew and as I held the bird they did their evaluation which revealed dehydration and flat flies.  No injuries were noted but as a precaution, the bird will be taken to the Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic later this week by Dr. Funnell where she will do radiographs to make sure that there are no hidden fractures.  Tonight we drew blood for analysis and he was given 35cc of subcutaneous fluids, 30cc of oral fluids (dextrose) and Ivermectin for flat flies.  He was also dusted with poultry powder for flat flies and a tail guard was placed on his tail feathers.

Intake Number : #09042018RTHA