Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #08262018

Story via Volunteer Louie Lee :

Mike Dobbs contacted us this afternoon saying John had a hawk on the ground at Wall Lake, in Lagrange county. I phoned John and was told the bird was now gone, possibly in a cornfield. I left my phone number and told him to contact me if the bird was found. John phoned back a short time later saying he had the bird. Upon our arrival John had the bird under a blanket, sitting on the tailgate of his truck. Examination of the hawk revealed the left ulna was broken and the wound infested with fly eggs, no maggots were found. Due to the hour, I transferred the bird to my home where the fly eggs removed, wound cleaned and bandaged. An intake card was completed and photos posted here. Keel was a two.

Intake Number : #08262018RTHA