Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #07232018

Via Volunteer Mary Koher:

Our rescue coordinator received a call early this afternoon from a lady stating that she observed a hawk on the ground on Ardmore Avenue in the southwest part of the city.  There is a walking path that runs alongside the road and as she was walking on this path, she noticed a large hawk standing right next to a fire hydrant.  She got to within 10 feet of it and it didn’t move and didn’t seem to be acting normally.  I arrived on the scene approximately 20 minutes after receiving the call from Bob and sure enough, it was still standing next to the hydrant!  I parked on a side street and walked back on the path to the hydrant.  The hawk was very alert but quiet.  I was able to distract its attention with my feet so that it didn’t notice that I was lowering my net over its head.  I was then able to reach under the net to secure the feet and then bring it up and out.  I found no obvious injuries but the keel was thin so it had been on the ground for some time.  Based on the markings of the tail, this is a 1st year (juvenile) red tail hawk so perhaps it was not having any luck hunting on its own?  We see this quite often and have even named hawks like this as “young and dumb” meaning they didn’t learn well from their parents on how to hunt.  I placed it in the rescue box and headed north to the Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic.  Dr. Funnell examined the bird and no obvious injuries were noted.  The bird was dusted for flat flies and lice and radiographs will be done later this afternoon.

Intake Number : #07232018RTHA