Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #07192018

Via Volunteer Mary Koher:

It has been a busy time for Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control in picking up raptors for us.  We got a call today where they found this juvenile red tail hawk just standing in someone’s back yard in the northeast part of the city.  I picked up the hawk from their facility and transported it to Dr. Funnell at our ICU.  The eyes were reactive and the wings, legs and talons all appeared normal.  It was very thin, however, so it must have been down on the ground for some time.  It was given subcutaneous fluids and was tube fed carnivore care, which is a liquid food supplement.   We are cautiously optimistic because when birds are very thin / emaciated it is oftentimes difficult to get them back to a healthy status.

Update 7-21-18 - Despite our best efforts, this bird developed signs of neurological problems and was humanely euthanized.  

Intake Number : #07192018RTHA