Red Tailed Hawk Rescue #04082018

Story via volunteer Lisa Yates:

I received a call from Pam about a red tail hawk and decided to do my 1st rescue in over a year. After driving to Poe to meet the caller, we walked down to a wooded area on her neighbor's property. She had watched the bird on the ground through out the day and noticed it not flying away. She contacted the county sheriffs office who gave her Soarin’ Hawk's number. It was dark when I arrived but the bird was quite visible from the glow of my flashlight. As I approached, the hawk went into defense mode and fell onto its back with the talons facing me. I was able to secure the hawk easily from this position. I noticed right away the bird had a wing injury; it also had blood on its beak, and was quite aggressive. The bird was transported to Soarin’ Hawk's vet for further observation.

Intake Number : #04082018RTHA