9 Species of Raptors in ICU this week!

What a variety of raptors are hospitalized in our ICU today!  We have 11 birds representing 9 species and this is not our busy season!  Spring and summer typically quadruple the number of injured and orphaned raptors we receive and provide care for.  Since Soarin' Hawk is primarily volunteer run, we always welcome new volunteers for a variety of opportunities including ICU.

1. A Bald Eagle: Recovering from a fractured wing.  He had orthopedic surgery and is now getting Physical Therapy three times a week under anesthesia.

2. A Snowy Owl: We hope to release her next week!

3. A Great Horned Owl: Fighting for its life.

4. A Harris Hawk: Donated by a falconer after the bird suffered an electrocution injury that required amputating its wing tips.

5. An American Kestrel:  One of our Education Birds that is having a medical problem.

6. A Red Tail Hawk:  With respiratory problems

7. A Short-earred Owl:  Fractured wing close to its elbow made it non-releaseable; will will be adding it to our education permit

8. Three Eastern Screech Owls:  Two are non-releasable and will be placed in zoos, the third just came in and is being treated for a wing injury

9.  Barred Owl: Was rescued from a Fort Wayne area park pond and was found to have a fishing hook and line tangled around the wing.  Please be careful when fishing and always recovery lost tackle whenever possible. Lives are at stake!