Please welcome Katherine Tate to the Soarn Hawk Veterinary Team

Please welcome Katherine Tate, B.S.,RVT. to the Soarin’ Hawk veterinary team!  Katherine joined us in June of 2017.  We had just started talking about the need for a vet tech when we received an email from Katherine inquiring if we had any openings.  After reading her bio, we felt that the stars had aligned.  We met shortly thereafter, offered her a job, and she accepted!

Kat’s story:

When I first started college 7 years ago I went into human medicine.  I thought I wanted to be a Physician's Assistant.  After 3 years, I realized that human medicine wasn't for me, but animal medicine was.  I had to apply to the veterinary technology program twice before I got in.  For me, it was Purdue University or nothing.  I've had various jobs over the course of my college career.  I was a lead server for Ceruti's Catering for 4 years.  I also worked on campus at IPFW in the research department as a Student Assistant Technician.  I took care of the research animals.  I also cleaned a few houses on the side for some extra money.  I did all this while attending IPFW.  Looking back on it, I don't know how I kept my sanity!  When I transferred to Purdue I worked as a Student Assistant Technician down in Junior Surgery.  I taught 3rd year vet students the ins and outs of surgery.  For example, gowning, gloving, draping, scrubbing patients, anesthesia, placing catheters, etc.  I absolutely loved it.

The proudest moment of my vet tech career thus far was last summer during my internship at The Wildlife Center of Virginia.  I got to place an IV catheter in a black bear.  It was such an amazing experience because both the vet student and the veterinarian couldn't place it.  The grossest thing I've had to do thus far would be while I was in school and I had to rotate through the large animal hospital and work with the cows.  Cows are amazing animals, but they are so disgusting!

A few facts about me:  1) I am engaged and will be married this fall.  2) I have a Siamese cat named Ling.  3) I never wanted to work with birds.  My grandpa had a cockatiel that drove me nuts.  He hated me and I hated him.  It wasn't until I went on my internship last summer that I fell in love with wildlife, particularly raptors.  4) Osprey are my favorite raptors.