Rescued Bald Eagle Undergoes Surgery

Dr. Patricia Funnell unlocks a brown plywood transport box to reveal some precious cargo –  a nearly fully grown bald eagle. The eagle is quietly sitting up and seems very alert – despite having one wing folded to its body and secured with blue masking tape. Funnell, a Fort Wayne veterinarian, gently lifts the 10-pound bundle of feathers onto a stainless steel surgical table.

In a minute or two, the eagle will have a clear plastic mask strapped over its head and characteristic yellow beak –  and then soar off into whatever dreamland giant birds of prey go when they get anesthesia.

The eagle, who is and will remain unnamed, was rescued Sunday afternoon by Soarin' Hawk, a Fort Wayne raptor rehabilitation organization. The 2-foot-tall bird was found on the ground along Yohne Road near Fox Island County Park, said Pam Whitacre, a Soarin' Hawk volunteer.

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