It takes a village to rescue ...

Sometimes it truly does take a village to rescue an injured raptor!  

The story began in Osceola, Indiana where an unknown concerned citizen reported an injured Cooper's Hawk Monday evening to the Osceola Police Department.  The Osceola Police Department held the bird until a local Soarin' Hawk volunteer picked it up late in the evening.  Another Soarin' Hawk volunteer from Bremen, Indiana was available the next morning to transport the bird the rest of the way to our avian veterinarian in Fort Wayne.  

Most of our volunteers hold down full time jobs, so they all work together with their available times to help get the job done!
We are always looking for volunteers in distant areas to help transport injured raptors.  Even though we are located in Allen County, Indiana, we rescue birds from the northern half of Indiana and also Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan.  Please contact us at if you are interested in helping!