This Hawk Has Left the Building!

On December 22, 2019 Soarin' Hawk volunteer Ron S. received a call from the Site Manager at Gene Stratton-Porter Nature Preserve in Rome City, IN. One of the Preserve's volunteers, John L., had found an injured red-tailed hawk hopping on the ground with a possible injured wing. Ron drove to the site, where John had confined the bird under a fishing net. Ron took the bird to our ICU, where volunteers Jillian and Jeanette medicated and hydrated him.

The next day, Dr. Funnell's exam revealed a fractured wing. The wing was immobilized to encourage healing, then the hawk received physical therapy to help him regain full movement. After a little over a month of physical therapy, he was ready to begin practice flying, or "creancing," in which a bird is tethered to prevent it from escaping prematurely, and its flight capability is evaluated after flying a specific distance.

Finally, on March 2, 2020, after almost three months in our care, this beautiful hawk was ready for release. He was returned to Gene Stratton-Porter Nature Preserve to continue his life in the wild. Long life, little one!

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