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Turkey Vulture
Admission Date
Rescue Location
Wabash, IN
Cause of Admission
Would not fly
Soarin' Hawk is thrilled to have an educational Turkey Vulture!  Ehr and his buddy, Poe will help us teach people about the benefits of these awesome birds.  Turkey Vultures are very intelligent birds and social.     8/15/2019 Via volunteer Sue: On the road again this time southeast of Wabash. Lynne got a call from Valerie D. about a turkey vulture that had been down for awhile near their pond. When we arrived she told us the bird had been down for a couple of weeks. They had been feeding it salmon, brisket and hamburger. It was becoming bold starting to approach the house. We found this guy in some brush near the pond. With some coaxing, we got him in the box. When we arrived at Pine Valley, he got powdered as he had lice. As you who know turkey vultures, he left us evidence of his recent meals, UGH!!!! X-rays showed no breaks although there was right shoulder sensitivity. We shuttled him over to ICU. At ICU, keel check showed a score of 1. Since he had been eating on his own, it was decided that pain meds, food & water was all that was needed for now. 08/18/2019 This Turkey Vulture is eating better on its own. It is slowly improving. It will remain in our treatment facility for observation 08/25/19 This Turkey Vulture has improved enough to be moved to our rehabilitation facility 09/15/19 – This beautiful bird was creanced once, with no success. (In creance flying, a bird is tethered to one of our trainers, and given progressively more line as he gets stronger and can fly farther. Tethering keeps birds safe, and allows them to gain flight strength, while assuring  that they can be retrieved as they train.) He is going to stay with one of Soarin’ Hawk’s rehabbers, who will work with him to to see if he can gain the strength he needs to be released. 10/01/19 This vulture has been moved to a local rehabber's facility. She has a large flight pen that will give the Vulture room to gain flight strength PER A CONVERSATION WITH SHIRLEY NEEDHAM ON 12-21-19 THIS VULTURE REMAINS WITH HER. SHE IS CONCERNED THAT IT CAN'T FLY WELL AS IT CANNOT GET TO THE HIGH PERCHES IN ITS MEW.  SHE HAS DECIDED TO OVERWINTER THIS VULTURE UNTIL SPRING 2020 AT WHICH TIME IT WILL BE CREANCE CONDITIONED SO THAT IT CAN DEMONSTRATE THAT IT CAN FLY. 05/01/2020 This bird is non releasable. Soarin Hawk has decided to keep it for an education bird