Eastern Screeh Owl Rescue #11212018

Story via Volunteer Mary Koher:

I received a call from Lynnanne asking if I could meet her in the southwest part of Fort Wayne for a transfer.  We met up and she handed over a very quiet Eastern Screech owl that didn’t have a very good day.  It seems that Duke Energy had contracted with a tree company to take down a few trees around some power lines.  Here this little owl was just sleeping in his cavity when all of a sudden…THUD.   He fell 25 ft down to the ground!  Thankfully the tree service found him and contacted the DNR who in turn contacted Lynnanne.  I got him to our treatment and recovery unit as quick as I could.  Upon examination, he was found to have a fractured left wing at the metacarpals.  The area was cleaned with chlorohexidine and saline.  He was given Meloxicam and Baytril.  We bandaged the wound and then secured it with a body wrap.  We attempted surgery on November 26th but the bones are so small that a pin could not be placed.  We did, however, place a splint on the wing and secured it with a body wrap.  He will be nonreleasable and we are hoping to train him to the glove so that he may be placed somewhere as an education bird.

Intake Number : #11212018EASO