Eastern Screech Owl Rescue #09032018

Story via Volunteer Gary Harshberger :

I responded to a call fro SHRR Dispatcher concerning and injured baby Owl in Van Buren Indiana. Upon arrival the property owners reported finding the young Screech Owl cling to the leg of a table in the yard. They said it was using the left wing in moving around but never lifted the right wing. Upon examining the bird in the field I found little movement (which Doctor Funnel says is common for the spices, they will play possum while being handled.) I also found no other injury, but the bird was somewhat protective of the right wing. The bird seemed malnourished and possible dehydrated account the extreme heat. Transport was made to Dr Funnel and the bird was given injections and fluids, and xray of the wings would be taken.

Intake Number : #09032018EASO