Cooper's Hawk Rescue #07182018

Via Volunteer Mary Koher:

I received a call from the rescue coordinator stating that the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control had picked up a hawk and had it at their facility.  I arrived to find a juvenile Coopers hawk in a pet carrier.  With their assistance, I was able to remove it and place it in a rescue box and then headed up north to deliver it to Dr. Funnell at the Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic.  The bird was quiet but very alert.  Coopers are never quiet so we knew something was wrong with it.  It had a very good keel score so it hadn’t been down very long.  Both eyes were reactive and the wings, legs and talons appeared to be fine.  Dr. Funnell will be taking radiographs later this afternoon.

Update from Dr. Funnell – This hawk was found to have a fractured pelvis which should heal well so we are hopeful for its return to the wild.  He was taken to our ICU for rest and recuperation.

Intake Number : #07182018COHA