Coop Goes Home

On Nov. 21, 2019, our rescue line received a call from Kim B., who said she was sitting at her desk in an office building on West Jefferson in Fort Wayne, when she heard a loud "THUMP." She went outside, and found a bird sitting on the ground, dazed after having hit the window. She called us, and we advised her to get a box over the bird to protect it, and she did. 

Soarin' Hawk volunteer Bill O. rescued the bird (which was a Cooper's Hawk) and found it was bleeding from its ear and had fluids on its eye. Bill took the Coop directly to Dr. Funnell at Pine Valley Vet, where x-rays showed no broken bones, but its eye was swollen and there was some bleeding from its ear. It was treated with medication for pain and given an anti-inflammatory.

The bird improved, and was transferred to one of our outdoor rehab pens. Because Cooper's Hawks are very nervous birds, our staff felt his recovery might benefit from a quieter environment, so he was taken to Adam B.'s home to continue his recovery.

Today, his recovery is complete, and he went home.

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